Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chillaxmas to the max

You thought Ides of Meatloaf was fun? Dude, you gotta try Chillaxmas!

Assemble in advance:
  • New, festive pajamas for each attendee, washed and dried. Gift wrapping is optional.

  • Six to eight (or ten?) hours worth of snacks, goodies, finger foods, appetizers, desserts, candy, and beverages; ideally foods that don't require cutlery. Pot luck is awesome if you can get away with it.

  • Six/eight/ten hours of group activities. Ideally this would be a movie or TV series marathon, but a new game system will work. TiVo-ed TV episodes and/or old-school board and card games can also be employed.

  • Comfortable (nap-capable?) seating for all attendees in communal entertainment space, with adequate table space for snacks/games.

Chillaxmas Day:
  • Festivities begin around noon on December 25th, after those who celebrate Christmas have done their thing.

  • Pajamas are distributed as attendees arrive and immediately donned.

  • First round of treats are made available in the communal entertainment space.

  • Optional gift exchange.

  • Movie/show/games begin.

  • Treats are replenished regularly.

  • Adult beverages can be included as appropriate.

  • A nap break is optional, but it shouldn't disrupt the flow of the day. The goal is to chillax en masse.

The celebration is over when it's over. Hey, man, no pressure.

Chillaxmas? WTF is that?

It was originally conceived (by me) as a pseudo-Christmas celebration for those (me) who are no longer into the church thing or the Santa thing. It might also be fun to celebrate it on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day. Or whenever the hell you feel like it, really.

This will be our second Chillaxmas, although last year it didn't have a name. Next year I'm thinking of adding a Festivus Pole. It would be awesome to make Sandra Lee's Kwanzaa Cake* a centerpiece of the celebration, but I would never expect anyone to actually eat it. Plus, I don't think I could bring myself to do that to an innocent angel food cake.

So go forth and Chillaxmas, my friends. You've earned it!

* Oh yes she did!


  1. How do you pronounce it?




    I want to get it right, 'cause we're doing it for New Year's!

  2. God I wish we could have a Chillaxmas this year, but it looks like we'll be doing the Kuh-ray-zeesmas thing...yet again.

    Have a wonderful holiday and lounge around some for me!


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