Friday, January 7, 2011


Pal P, an avid and talented quilter, posted on FB that she is making a 'resolution quilt' of her goals for the new year. She listed a few of her resolutions,all very life- and health-affirming, and certainly suitable for quilting.

That got me to thinking, of course, about my own resolutions. I didn't make up a list this New Year's Eve but I do have a few life-tweaks I've been working on that I can lay down for you.
  • No more deathbeds. 'Nuff said.

  • Master the bass line of Llama by Phish (on medium, not expert!) in Rock Band 3. Have you heard that song?? Again, 'nuff said.

  • Do poop patrol once a week. My lackadaisical attitude toward back yard sanitation is no big deal when it's cold, but that, ahem, shit gets problematic in the warmer weather.

  • Do not tailgate. Yeah, I'm one of those, at least on 'my' stretch of highway between home and work. Historically, if you were driving one mph slower than I wanted to go in the fast lane, I would be all up in your ish, gar-on-teed. Sorry 'bout that. I'm working on it.

  • Make my daily Diet Cokes mediums vs. larges. Gotta start with baby steps. I figure it will also aid in increasing the time between afternoon bathroom visits to something more than 15 minutes.

  • Pare down to three computers at home (plus the iPad, of course.) Eventually I hope to get down to two, but again, baby steps.

  • Clean out the purple room. This is the room in the basement where Mr. B and I threw all the stuff we didn't know what to do with when we combined households. I think there are enough office supplies alone in there to open a shop. Golly, we both loved us some office supplies... wonder what that means? Probably don't want to know.

  • Reduce my max speed on the highway to 65 mph. I read/heard somewhere that reducing one's speed by 5 mph is equivalent to a price cut of thirty-seven-gobillionty dollars per gallon of gas. Or something like that. It also would keep me within ten percent of the speed limit, which seems prudent.

  • Have fun once in awhile. Buying Rock Band (2, 3, and Beatles) for Chillaxmas this year was a start -- we had a blast playing it. Made me realize fun is something I could use more of.

Now wouldn't those make an awesomely-illustrated quilt?


  1. Those sound like some good, and attainable, resolutions.

    In what language are they singling on Llama?

  2. Tongues, I think.

    Haven't deciphered most of it, but the chorus is "Leave it on press, depress, depress, llama to boot to boot." It's now a common saying at my house. I have to remind Young Son not to recite it at school-- they'll think he has a mental disorder.

  3. Great list. I like Rock Band too. Always, always try to have a time for fun every day. I make it my priority.

  4. I think these are some very admirable goals.

  5. Good things to aim for. Although, I should probably warn you, if you're the one kissing my bumper on the highway, I'm the bitch that slows down to 25 MPH so you'll go around me. (the looks on peoples' faces as they pass me are PRICELESS)

    We all need more fun.... and Ebay... Ebay is good for unloading crap you no longer need. It's like a virtual flea market stall. ;)


  6. How about getting back into knitting/spinning? You're a fabulous thinker-about-knitting; a knitting architect. Still have my sideways socks.


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