Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Grand Experiment

Believe me, I tried, but I couldn't find a good enough excuse to get out of it.

I've set up some rules of engagement so I'm not just dangling in the breeze. No Facebook, although I do get email notifications when someone posts on my wall or sends a message. It would be rude not to read those, right? Personal email twice a day, morning and evening. Blog feeds in the morning, and the newspaper online. Videos and music are allowed, but no (gulp!) games. Also, I've decided blogging is allowed, since it's the closest thing I have to journaling. And everyone says journaling is good, right?

Sounds harsh, but it's not that far off from the way things were 15 years ago. Well, except for the blogs and newspapers and music and video...

OK, not really, but you get my point.

Yeah, I'm kinda scared. I'm not going cold turkey or anything, but the thought of all that TIME opening up has me feeling a bit agoraphobic. And we all know how much I love changes in my routine. Heh.

Three, two, one....


  1. Not fair! I can't resist a good poke. (TWSS)

  2. I'm really glad that you decided to keep journaling, because I miss you when you don't blog.

  3. Hi, I happened accidentally on your blog...wow. I can SOOO relate to you! I'm nearly 52 and going through alot of 'stuff' now also...yeah, thank god for antidepressants! I also write a blog..more cooking with stories attached and it seems to help me alot. Anyway, i would really like to follow your blog but i don't see any place to click on to follow. How can i do this? And by the way, please take a look at my blog too and maybe you can relate to some of my stuff also.

    Please let me know how to follow and i will gladly. And keep writing ...it helps!


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