Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just say no

Not buying what they're selling: What a concept, especially this time of year.

WTF am I talking about? I am talking about not blowing all the money we don't have in the next thirty days.

Confused? Leo sums up (much better than I ever could) the perfectly logical reasons for doing so... or, would that be not doing so?

Click below to read the rest of this radical and (hopefully) sanity-inducing post.

I'm in. And you? What do you think? Deep inside, is shopping your true "reason for the season?"



  1. Shopping is one of the main reasons I get into such bad moods in the Xmas season. I finally talked my sisters into not exchanging gifts, and I just give cash to my nieces. The last few years, I decided to just give cash to Mom, as well. Yeah, I know, not a lot of thought, and all. Last year, she gave me cash, too. The same amount as I gave her!

    My dear uncle used to say, "Christmas is just about exchanging money."

    P.S. Bah Humbug.

  2. I hear ya. I like the idea of making things, doing things for/with people, making a donation to a favorite cause in their name, or even cash when necessary. I hate the notion that the amount of caring and thought can only be quantified by how much $$ is spent. That's bullshit. I see your humbug and raise you a harrumph.

  3. this year our family is doing a yankee swap; every adult brings ONE gift to swap so we spend more time WITH each and less time opening presents.

  4. My mom gave to charities in everyone's names. I thought that was lovely. We aren't exchanging this year, only giving the kids gifts. No one can afford it! I do love the idea of making things.

  5. Although I enjoy the idea of xmas, the reality of it is becoming more and more painful!


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