Friday, October 23, 2009

Last chance (and bonus track)

First a reminder that this is your last chance to enter my totally spontaneous and un-sponsored giveaway. It's easy! All you gotta do is click on the link and leave a comment to enter. I'll do the drawing and post the results tomorrow morning. If you want to comment anonymously, that's cool too. Just be sure to check back tomorrow for instructions on how to get your contact info to me.

Anyway, sorry for the overall lack of light-hearted-osity lately, but it's been weird around here. I'm totally stoked for the wedding, yet for some reason I'm drag-assing around like it's February. I did just up my meds this week so hopefully sometime next week I'll be able to approximate normal.

But enough about my medicine cabinet. This song seemed to capture my mood this week. I can't say it's a Friday Rocker, but it sure is a Friday Groover. What do you think?

Actually, Charlie, that sounds like a damned fine plan. I'll be right over.

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