Thursday, October 15, 2009

Name Game

One of the benefits of getting married is getting that Free Name Change card. I get to change my last name, just because! How cool is that? Should be simple enough, but is anything I do ever simple, really?

I did think about taking back my maiden name, but I really want to have Mr B's last name. You know, so everyone knows we're part of the same unit and all that*. But... I could take this opportunity to officially include my maiden name somehow.

His name, my name, middle name... what to do? Hey, I smell a spreadsheet!

(What? You thought I was kidding?)

Oddly enough, my maiden name really is the same length as 'Maidenname'. Mr B's last name is only six letters long, but if I go the double-barreled route, that's 16 letters! I just don't know.

The other issue -- and probably more distressing -- is that I will need to change my signature, the one I developed decades ago and now have perfected to a unique and easily identifiable-yet-illegible scrawl. It's almost more of a logo than a signature, really. The thought of actually having to write out my name is really bothering me. It took me probably ten years to come up with my current scribble and I'm not at all excited about repeating that process. Although I could get myself some notebook paper and have at it, middle-school style.

I have no idea what I'm going to do. I suppose I'll find out when I show up at the Social Security office sometime after November tenth.

You think this is bad? You should see me in restaurants. And just imagine what could be accomplished if I ever manage to turn my mental energy toward something productive.

* Hands off, ladies!


  1. Keep your middle name and we can both change our surnames to 'Newlast'. It's oddly...evocative.


  2. I think it's actually Caprican.

  3. I am planning to change my name to future hubby's, except in my writing career, in which I'll continue to use my maiden name. (What? You have a writing career? Let me dream, people, okay?!)

    Interestingly enough (to me, at least), my new initials will be the same as with my first married name. Who knew I'd have such foresight in not throwing out that monogrammed tote bag?

  4. I got married 3 years ago and went with option 5. Which I really love cause it keeps where I come from close to me, but honors the Hubs.

    I was going to add Katya to the middle, just for kicks, but opted to leave it out in the end.


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