Monday, November 30, 2009

Get off me now, I'm done

It was tough there for a spell, but I am now two for two in the NaNoWriMo department. I finished up Sunday night with just over 50,000 words. Sure, I could have written more today, but I am so toasted you can probably smell it from there.

The good news is that once I got around the roadblock, I ended up not hating the story after all. Considering where I was a week ago, I call that a rousing success.

The next decision is whether to partake of the CreateSpace coupon code for a free proof copy. That would give me through June to edit the thing. Sounds like plenty of time, but I've never edited anything longer than a blog post, and it's a little intimidating.

All in all, November has been a month full of Very Important and Memorable Events, but I'm ready to move on now, thanks. I'm eager to think about something other than wedding-ing and novel-ing.

(Did I mention we're getting a Wii for Christmas?? Wheeeee!)

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