Thursday, February 25, 2010

I said it's alright, dammit!

If y'all are anything like me -- and I'm guessing you are -- then I'm suspecting you could use a little attitude adjustment about now. I'm predicting this will do the trick.

Be sure to turn your speakers up REALLY LOUD, 'k?

Mmmm... that's good stuff, ain't it?

I know I posted it before, back in the days of Friday's Rock!, but I just had to share it again. After not hearing it for months, I've heard it three times this week already. It's a sign! I still think it's my favorite Zeppelin song.

BTW, why isn't it Friday yet??


  1. GREAT song!!! TGI-almost-F!

    wv: lousi. This week has been rather lousi.

  2. Hellza yeah it has! Almost over - hang in there...


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