Monday, March 29, 2010

Feeding the pile

I've got an armful of scraps to toss onto the pile today, OK? Best don your protective gear.
  • This month's award in the category of Songs Currently Receiving Heavy Airplay That Make Me Turn the Volume All The Way Down goes to that new turd by Train. We HATESSSS it. The good news is that Autotuned piece o'crap by Owl City is no longer in regular rotation.

  • Lovely Daughter apparently did NOT appear in As The World Turns last week. I suspect her scenes were left on the cutting room floor. I tell myself it's because her presence outshone everyone else and the other actors wouldn't stand for it. Oh well. She got paid, but I'm still crabby about it.

  • Sweetie still doesn't know what a dog toy is and runs from anything making a squeaky sound, but she is showing signs of becoming a fabric collector. We have found a ball cap, a hoodie, a dishtowel, and her dog sweater lying in the back yard, otherwise unmolested. Good thing we installed that dog door. Makes it so much easier for her to express herself.

  • Sweetie has also reminded me that greyhound farts can clear a room.

  • I think I have reached equilibrium with my Magic:The Gathering card collecting. I have one last order of cards being delivered this week, then I am going on hiatus until the next set is released. Don't smirk! I mean it this time. Unless, of course, there's a card I really need....

  • Taxes were done with online software, filed electronically, and I expect the return to be direct deposited in a week or so. Oh, how I love the interwebs! How did I get anything done without it?

  • In just over two weeks, Mr. B and I will be headed back east to hang with Evil Twin and Co to celebrate a belated Ideas of Meatloaf. Squeee!

  • This weekend, Mr. B and I had social interactions with two different sets of adults not related to us. I think that's a record. What that really means is two separate opportunities for me to realize that I talk too much in social situations. Realizing that always make me feel so happy and confident! Fuck. No wonder I don't go out.

  • You know, if someone produced a relatively affordable, fuel-efficient, old-school analog car with windows that crank, manual locks, no computers, an engine that one could actually work on, etc., I think there might well be a market for it. I'd certainly buy one. After all, when the aliens come and deploy the electromagnetic pulse bomb to paralyze our civilization, computerized cars will be among the first casualties. It's best to be prepared.
My collection bin is empty now and I feel much better. as it good for you?


  1. I can't tell you how much I agree with you about that awful Train song. Seriously, I almost blogged about it myself, I hate it so much.

    F'ing. AWFUL.

  2. I can't remember how originally I stumbled onto your blog, but I check in now and again. Back when Lovely Daughter was graduating I figured she must know my Handsome Son, because it seemed evident to me that she was graduating from the same drama program, but a year after he did. So today, checking back after a long time I found my way to her FB fan page (thank you!), and from there to her actual FB page, and shonuff -- they're FB friends. We have 9 friends in common, Cait and I. ;-) He is Alec Beard, Yale Drama 2007. He is also seeking regular paying work as an actor...

  3. Oh (PS)! You and I have one friend (Mike Braun) in common! How funny.

  4. That's hilarious! I remember her talking about Alec. I bet you haven't humiliated him by setting up a FB page, have you?

  5. Oh gracious no! I'm so very careful to keep a low profile as his FB friend even. I've been warned...


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