Thursday, March 25, 2010

Look at that!

Over there, in the left sidebar! See it? The picture of the pretty, pretty girl? Yes, the one under the heading FACEBOOK MOMS GONE WRONG. That one.

That's Lovely Daughter! I have humiliated her (again) by setting up a Facebook fan page for her and forcing recruiting all my friends, including ones I haven't seen for thirty years, to be fans.

Why all the mock-publicity? The majority of my twelves of readers are friends so you already know about this because I have been talking about it on Facebook non-stop for weeks, but I'll repeat it anyway: Lovely Daughter is going to be ON THE TEEVEE today and tomorrow, on As The World Turns.

Yes, that show is still on, as it has been since -- get this -- 1956! It's even older than me.

If you don't want to take vacation time from work to stay home and watch (although I recommend it -- her thirty seconds of glory would be well worth it) the episodes are posted to the show's website after airing so I'll have links for you soon.

And if you want to witness first hand how a young actor with over $50K in grad school debt struggles to get a freakin' break in the big city, head on over to Facebook and fan the Following Caitlin Clouthier page. I'll be posting info about her upcoming shows and events, and even about recent auditions, if I can get her to call me and tell me about them. I have a stash of high school photos set aside to post for that express purpose.

It's the next best thing to moving to NYC to play stage mom.

(I bet Lovely Daughter just crapped her pants, reading that.)


  1. ET's Much Older SisterMarch 25, 2010 at 9:33 AM

    Evil Twin had better be recording this so I can watch it later. I'm too damn cheap to pay for the DVR option on cable.

    Congrats to Cait!! Think of all the stars today that got their start on soap operas. Thank goodness there are some left on the air. (Not that I watch any of them or anything...)

    WV: "berepow" -- what I do to protect myself from bere attacks here on the farm.

  2. Wow, congratulations! Lovely daughter definitely lives up to her name - gorgeous!

  3. Fantastic. She's a beauty. I hope she goes very far.


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