Friday, October 28, 2011

Home again

In early September I moved the blog to Tumblr. I was certain the new and exciting Tumblr format would magically dissolve all my blogging blocks, much like each new and exciting Swiffer product will magically make me want to clean my house.

Yeah. It worked just about as well. Surprised?

So I'm back in my old, familiar Blogger home. I've moved most of the Tumblr posts (9/2 - 10/13) over here so you don't have to worry for a moment that you might have missed something, uh, interesting. I also turned comments back on. (I'm hoping the Mumbai escort services have forgotten about me.)

Unfortunately, my last Tumblr post still holds true, so here it is, slightly modified to fit the current venue:
I was afraid this would happen. I’ve hit the wall. I knew I had wa-a-ay too much energy after I got back from Boston, and I knew I would have to pay for that. And paying, I am.

I’m going to crawl into my burrow for awhile and, um, groom myself or something. Forecasts say it’ll be awhile before I am able to cough up anything new… aside from a random Facebook status update.

So keep the tender bits down and I’ll catch ya... eventually. I always do come back, eventually.

p.s. Oh, and you can breathe now. The rumbling from my Oct. 3rd post turned out to be just gas. I do still like the connection between blogging and IBS, though.


  1. Liz - missed you and glad you're back here. Or maybe you're not - going into winter hibernation, are you? Either way, welcome back. I always enjoy reading your updates. Hope you are well -- Susan

  2. At least you know where the furniture goes --

  3. I visited Tumblr once but didn't stay long. Glad you are back.

  4. I'm glad to see you back as well. I couldn't read the Tumblr blog at work. For some reason the Blogger Blog isn't - yay! Enjoy your pov on life, and it is a nice lunchtime respite. You usually get a smile out of me, and that is difficult during a work day...


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