Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Blogwatch: 15 Minute Lunch

It's official: I'm addicted to reading blogs.

My Google Reader now lists 34 blogs and those are just the ones that I follow regularly. Some are by people I know, some relate to whatever shiny project I'm into, and some are just f'n funny*. Good thing they don't all post every day or I'd have to quit my day job to keep up**.

I've listed some of my favorites in my Blogroll to the left for your enjoyment. I cycle new ones in and out occasionally as the mood strikes. One of the ones I eagerly anticipate is Johnny Virgil's 15 Minute Lunch. It falls into the 'Just f'n funny' category; in fact, he's produced three of my all-time favorite PMP, snot-blowing posts, which I've linked to below.

Safety first, though: If you are at all prone to any sort of leakage and/or asphyxiation due to Hysterical Paroxysmal Laughing Disorder (as I am), then you may wish to use the restroom and close the office door before proceeding.

My Favorite 15 Minute Lunch posts
Every time I think I'm funny, I go read his stuff and then I STFU.

I love his posts because he combines my favorite elements: sharp writing, rude language, twisted humor, and the occasional obscene reference. Can it get any better than that?

What can I say; I'm a cheap date.

* And one is by me. Just Me Eating is where I write about my... eating. Hey, don't smirk -- I'm doing it for you. If I write about it there, then I don't have to inflict it on y'all. No, I'm not from the South. Sometimes I just like to throw out a little y'all.

** Hmmm... waitaminnit! That's not such a bad idea


  1. Addiction... my reader... 881 feeds...

  2. Yeah, but my list is maybe only 2 months old, max. Give me time, wise one.

  3. First: holy crap Peter A. Stinson! 881 feeds. That makes me hyperventilate just thinking about it. I have about 40 and I'm with Liz -- I need to quit the day job just so I have time to read them all.

    Second: I will empty my bladder and then I can read the blog posts you profile here. Can't wait :)


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