Monday, March 31, 2008

Guilty pleasures

I spent most of the last four days dealing with some sort of stupid virus.

Apropos of nothing, Thursday afternoon I began to feel like I'd been out all night abusing adult substances. Friday morning it was clear that I wasn't going anywhere except to occasionally raid the kitchen for something that didn't offend my digestive tract. The good news is that other than a whopping case of General Malaise* and a crappy headache, I got off pretty easy...

...except for getting completely and irrevocably hooked on a new Guilty TV Pleasure.

JabbaWockeez on America's Best Dance Crew

My name is Liz, I'm a middle-aged white female, and I watch America's Best Dance Crew.

Thanks to my best friend TiVo, my laptop, and my wireless router, I watched the entire eight episodes of Season 1 lying flat on my back in bed. Mr. B. came over to hang out with me after work, arriving just as I was starting the finale. He was extremely patient and not only watched it with me, but he even nodded at appropriate intervals while I babbled on about how Kaba Modern should have been in the finals instead of Status Quo....

What a guy.

I hear rumors that Season 2 will appear in the summer. Yay! And even better, I found there is a 2-hour (Previously Recorded) Live Audition Special that I can stream from the MTV site. Gonna unplug the phone and dim the lights for that one. Yas, yas, yassss...

For all that I disparage (most) reality shows and as much as I'd like to say that this is the first time I've slid down this path, truth is that the reality tv monkey is familiar with my back. I got stuck on Survivor for several seasons before finally burning out, and I was deep into both seasons of Rockstar**, INXS and Supernova.

I know I'm not alone. What are your Guilty TV Pleasures? What do you watch that makes your friends, family, and/or co-workers roll their eyes?

p.s. I bet you can still catch America's Best Dance Crew on MTV if you're curious. And I know you are, nod, nod, wink, wink.

* Hey, isn't that the cyborg guy in Star Wars Episode III?

** Only for the music, though. ;)


  1. I like to think that I evade a fair number of the maladies that are endemic to MAWGs*, but I have to say that an dance team competition is outside my interest envelope. The best I can do is adopt a quasi- anthropological stance and compare and contrast the (dare I say?) old-school East Coast urban style of Status Quo with the Pacific Rim, cyber-fusion idiom of JabbaWockeez. Sort of an Alistair Cook schtick...


    *- Middle-Aged White Guy

  2. Hey, you get big points for trying!


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