Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Throw the beach bums out!

OK, I've had enough. I can't hold it in any longer.

Beach volleyball is the most ridiculous sport of the Summer Olympics.

Yep, it's true. I don't really understand why beach volleyball in particular makes me emit exasperated sighs w/full eye-rolls, while regular volleyball is OK. Maybe the careful beach-casual-eye-candy 'styling' of the athletes sets off my poser alarm.

It don't matter. I loathe beach volleyball like I loathe Court TV; hell, maybe even as much as televangelists. The broadcasts, hours and hours of them, are a waste of electrons. Even fast-forwarding through them by the magic of TiVo takes too freakin' long.

Mr B thinks I am being harsh. Don't care. It sucks. Go play your little party games on a real beach, kiddies; leave my TV alone.

Yep, I'm hatin' and sayin'. So there.


  1. THANK you!

    I am the pariah of my family because I'm *so* done with beach volleyball. I hate the 3-seconds of hard-rocking, loud music between whistles, the bikini-clad Chinese dancers (Don't see them? Look closer), and hours-long dedication to butt-slapping. Hey, even when they screw up, they hug and slap butts.

    Subliminally or not, that is why the sport is so popular. Sweaty, sandy, attractive, athletic women hugging and slapping.

    On to the pole vault! My favorite!


  2. Ha! That's why you're my twin. :)

    Here's how much I hate it: I haven't been able to sit through enough of it to enjoy any of the finer points you mentioned.

    Although now I may just have to. Thanks for that.

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    P.S. I agree with you about the whole volleyball thing. I prefer a competitive game of badminton myself.

  4. does that mean you are okay with badminton being an olympic sport. c'mon, that needs to be played in the basement ONLY!


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