Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day 4

Note how I am not, absolutely not, posting a political post on this most political of days? Oh, I was tempted, believe me. I even wrote up a nice rant this morning inviting everyone not voting for Obama to stay home. But I would never ever post such a thing.

Anyway, on to the really important business at hand.

Dear Diary,

I have now decided how to refer to my effort. It is known as 'My <air quote>Novel</air quote>'. I spent a good amount of time on it yesterday, and, thanks to the election, an obscene amount of time on it today in an attempt not to think about what MAY OR MAY NOT HAPPEN TODAY OMG WTF IS IT OVER YET?!?

That angst netted me over 3000 words today. And I might even rack up some more if we spent all night in front of the TV obsessively flicking from channel to channel desperately trying to FIND OUT IF SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED AND OMG IS IT OVER YET?

But the Real big news is that SOMETHING FINALLY HAPPENED in My <air quote>Novel</air quote>: the first Big Hairy Deal was revealed. First, my protagonist had to pee in a cup (there's that peeing thing again. I may need to see someone about that) and then she found out she was pregnant.

So here are the stats for today and to date:
Word count: 3013
Total: 10893
I'd really better tighten this up a bit, though. At this rate, I'll have hit 50K and still only be 2/3 of the way through my story arc. Ramble on, much?

Hopefully, the next time I write we will all be celebrating with champagne and puppies and diamonds. Except for those who willfully chose to vote the wrong way. No soup for them!

Liz C

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  1. Liz -- that's awesome progress so far. Maybe angst and CNN holograms (hello? what the hell was that?) are good for your "novel" :)


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