Thursday, June 4, 2009


Projected high: 90 deg
Average high: 68 deg

Those in warmer climes can laugh all they want, but it's fucking hot here. Mr. B is home recuperating with no a/c (few have it in these parts) and he's miserable. Last I heard he was going to 'drug up' and go sleep in the basement. We may all be sleeping down there tonight.

I hate the heat. I start to whine at 80 degrees. By the time I get home tonight I should be in full 'shrill' mode.

Damn, even my toe is hot. I wonder if it's this hot in Topeka?

From 'Squeeze The Day', Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Young Son used to have the bathroom monologue memorized.


  1. Someone switched our weather around. It should be near 90 here in Virginia, but it's been 60 degrees and raining for two days now. I get shrill when it's cold and damp.

    Tell Mr. B. to try a towel well wrung out with ice water around his neck.


  2. I love, love, LOVE this clip! This was an inside joke between my middle son and I for ages. Thanks for the chuckle, Liz :-)

    And Nancy's right about the towel -- works like a charm. Hope Mr. B. makes a speedy recovery.

  3. OMG- I love this clip! My son and I laugh about it all the time...I'm a hot toe picker!


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