Friday, June 5, 2009

It rules

You know, it's been a rough couple of weeks, so I think I'm going to Rock it easy this Friday, if that's OK.

I heard this one on the way into work and it seemed to suit my mood just fine. So here's a little Lenny Kravitz for you, from way back when*, when he was new and edgy and looked like, well, let's just say he was a damned attractive young man**. And I can say that without sounding like a perv because he's almost my age.

Although I'd heard this song many times before, what struck me this time was how much it echoed my favorite types of music from the late sixties-early seventies, even more so than all of his other song that rip off reinterpret the music of that era.

I don't know enough music theory to break it down -- whether it's some sort of archetypal chord progression or whatever -- but it hits me right there, IYKWIM. Almost makes want to wear something way too tight, drink way too much, and dance way too intimately with strangers on a crowded dance floor.

What? That's not how you spent your teens?

p.s. Whenever I see a young black man with dreads, I think of Mr B's nephews, both of whom have worn dreads at one time or another. He told me that one of them had a t-shirt that read "Touch your own damned hair."

* Was 1989 really 20 years ago?!? Shit.

** I was going to say 'sex on a stick' but decided against it. Because that would be crass.

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