Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A surfeit of things

Do you ever feel like all it would take is one more thing to push you over the edge to... whatever is over the edge? Nothing personal, but I certainly hope so. I'm desperately hoping it isn't just me.

Objectively, I know I've got a pretty sweet deal. I mean, I have a job that pays enough, embarrassingly cheap medical insurance, a car that runs and is paid for, and good people around me. Hell, I even have an extra house! I have it about a go-billion times easier than millions of other people.

But that long list of blessings doesn't seem to counteract the pressure of all those things. You know, things I have to do, things I need to do, things I should do, and even a few things I'd like to do, most of which have already been jettisoned over the side as ballast.

A surfeit of things + A dearth of mental energy = Pressure, mostly internal.

So, anyone seen a relief valve around here anywhere? I knew I should'a read the fucking manual.

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  1. About once a week I threaten to run away from home- and I'm old! If its any help, I have a sweet life too, and I STILL want to run away- often :)


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