Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Is it just me?

Anyone else out there feeling a little overwhelmed? I mean, what with the volcanoes, flooding, oil spills, and the regular household "It's Always Something" crap that tends to pile up... yeah, I'm feeling it. And it's freaking distracting.

I know, I still owe you an IOM post. But when I get overwhelmed, there's not much writing that gets done, so I'll leave it to the professionals and give you the link to our fifteen minutes of fame. Yes, we had a REPORTER there!

Cool, huh? It's good to know my grocery store cake decorating skills haven't gone to waste. Oh, it was quite the Big Hairy Deal. Such a big deal, in fact, that I came home six pounds heavier. Most of it went away, but not all.

(Oh yeah, you can add that to the FML list.)

I do kinda wish the article had included a link to my blog, but then I would just feel more guilty for not writing.

Speaking of which, one excuse reason I haven't written is that every time I try, I end up whining. Somehow, despite my best intentions, I have found myself AGAIN in the position of having a complicated (but not serious) medical problem that will, one way or another, require multiple visits and twelves of dollars to manage.

So... should I indulge myself? Have you had enough of my whining about shoulders and scalps (although that wasn't mine) and proCEEdures? Should I just STFU and wait until the dust clears? Or should I just let 'er rip?

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  1. Let 'er rip!! Where else can you do it? (aside from the car, when you're alone and can roll down a window)

    Bad joke. Sorry.

    Anywho, I'm totally overwhelmed here too and it ain't pretty. Vent away!


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