Friday, May 21, 2010

Just call me Sunshine

I got an award! Bev has honored me, Ms. Crabby Pants Sour Puss McBoringly Boringster, with a Sunshine Award.

Have to admit, even thinking of me and sunshine in the same sentence made me snort my coffee. Can't say as I've been especially sunshine-y lately. (read: since I can remember.)

Why did she choose me? Ummm....I must give good comment. I am, nonetheless, flattered.

I always enjoy reading about Bev's antics and she makes me smile. I think if I was blogging 15 years ago, my blog would be a lot like hers (read: entertaining.) If we lived within driving distance I would like to go out for an adult beverage with Bev, although there's no way I could keep up as she apparently still has a functioning liver.

It's customary to pass on these awards to fellow bloggy pals, but I don't really have any (except Bev).

I really need to get out more.


  1. Awww, I think you give GREAT comment. :) What can I say? I appreciate a dry wit when i see one!

    Enjoy the sunshine, Sunshine!

  2. I dunno, Lizzzer, you're a ray of sunshine in my days.

  3. Thanks, Bev! Takes one to know one.

    Wow, Cary, your days must be pretty dark. Better get your meds checked. :)

  4. Yoooo are my Sunshine...
    My onleee Sunshine...
    You make me happeeee...



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