Monday, September 13, 2010

Bad influence

True confession: I am teaching Sweetie some habits I will probably regret.
  • I find it hilarious to get her to howl when we hear a siren. All I have to do is throw my head back and go "OOoooooOOooo...", and after a couple of seconds she joins right in. It's awesome, mainly because she looks so guilty doing it.

  • I encourage her to chase squirrels on our evening walks around the neighborhood. I have her on a leash so she can only go so far, but she is a greyhound so I figure it's probably the high point of her day.

  • Sometimes, when I go through a drive-thru to get my vat of Diet Coke, I buy her a plain burger. I don't do it every time, but she's already starting to get the clue. The look on her face as I toss the burger over my shoulder is priceless!
What can I say? I'm a Bad Mom.


  1. I like the mental image of the two of you with your heads back, howling.

    The look on Sweetie's face, or the drive-thru woman's face, as you toss back the burger?

  2. Sweetie: "What is this manna from the gods?"

    Drive-thru lady: "Nutjob."

  3. My first dog, Katie, howled at every siren she could hear, unprompted. It was awesome to listen to - we would stop whatever we were doing to listen to her. She also would stand in front of the glass storm door on her hind legs, with her front legs dangling, to watch the squirrels and such in the yard... earning her the nickname of Meerkat.

    I think that you sound like a great Bad Mom. :-) Sweetie sounds like a great dog.

    Liz M


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