Friday, October 29, 2010


Just thought I'd check in and say hi. I've been hesitant to write because most of what's going through my head is the same old stuff; missing Mr. B, punctuated by a fair amount of magical thinking, throbbing sinuses, garment-rending, and even a little surreptitious ululating. It's keeping me pretty preoccupied but I'm sure reading about that shit gets old real quick.

So I'll just sum it up this way: Yep, it still sucks. But I'm going to work (almost) every day and I'm taking care of business. I'm even keeping up with the dishes, which is an amazing development. But enough of that.

I do have something fun for you, so this trip won't be a total loss. I just found this pic on my cell phone. I snapped it in the parking lot of the funeral home when my Girl Posse and I went to pick up Mr. B's ashes.

Isn't it awesome? We laughed our asses off. Of course there was a tinge of hysteria in it, but it was great comic relief. We spent way too much time wondering if it was meant to convey "embalm you," or perhaps the nickname of a school of mortuary science, "Embalm U." The jury's still out.

While I'm at it, here's another good one from that day. Here's the bag they gave me to transport the box of his mortal remains.

What in the hell am I supposed to do with it now? It's too nice to just throw out, but I can't quite see myself using it as a gift bag... or maybe I could, in the right circumstance. I do know some folks with Significant Birthdays (meaning divisible by five) coming up. Hmmm...

OK, enough with the gallows humor. Next time I'll tell you whether I decided to start NaNoWriMo 2010 on Monday. It would suck to break a two year winning streak, but that will depend on whether I can stop ululating long enough to think up a story.

Oh, and have a lovely, sugar-filled Halloween. I'm not handing out candy, but that might not be enough to stop a bag of peanut M&Ms from finding its way into my house.


  1. Love the license plate! Gallows humor is a-ok by me. Enjoy your M&M eating and ululating!

  2. What is not to love about a post that talks about ululating? Funny you should mention it, since just last week I attended "Superstars of Bellydance" and after every song, selected members of the audience ululated. A lot. It was a little disconcerting at first but before I knew it, I was giving it a go. It's cathartic, in a way.

    Count me in for the gallows humor. I have a whole file of stories -- including one about what happened to my mom's "extra" ashes when they didn't fit into the urn I bought. Ooops. (She weighed about a buck five for pete's sake. How was I supposed to know?)

  3. I KNOW! They are damn heavy, those ashes! We kept passing Mr. B around in that fancy bag at the funeral home ("Do you believe this?"). I hope the funeral guy forgave us.

    Then we saw the license plate in the parking lot. "LOOKIT!" one of us shouted, and the cameras came out. Personally, I was happy for the distraction. You can't make this stuff up.

  4. I had to tell my hubby about the license plate. He loved it too. You could slap a Santa on the bag and use it to hold a Xmas present.

  5. Oh, Liz... how you manage to keep your sense of humor is beyond me, but I laughed and got a bit misty at the same time reading your blog... because the "ululating" is probably a real deal and I hurt for you.

    I think of you so often even though I've been utterly useless. I know you're going to make it through this challenge because you are a realist, you have your "gallows humor" to give you some relief and you have a wonderful group of friends and family who support you.

    Thank you for updating even when you think it's same old stuff... that's just fine and no one is going to complain if you repeat yourself.

    The license plate was too much. I guess those guys have to hang onto their gallows humor also... what a job.

    Enjoy your M&M's ... they sound tempting. :-)


  6. My mom died something like 25 years ago. My sister had the box of ashes for most of that time, and a couple of years ago gave it to me. Now it's on a shelf in the closet in the guest room (where my sister stayed a couple of weeks ago, and recognized the box). It's a dilemma about what to do with Mom.

    You are a wonderful writer, Liz. Never worry about what you post. We all enjoy and appreciate it.




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