Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It's Tuesday! Time for a Tech Support Nugget.

I just remembered another George story. This is a no-shitter excerpt from one of George's weekly status reports* a few months back.
Mr. K__, who asks lots of questions (about 30 messages in the last 30 days), reported an error.

A search of the code finds the comment,
"// display a message that the user is a dickhead."
Figured out a more polite way to solve his problem.
OK, maybe so it's no so much strictly a George story as a cautionary tale of how completely bored and frustrated programmers can get. Yeah, I've left my fair share of snide comments in code over the years. But nothing as glorious as this!

Way to go, Long-since-lost-to-history Code Monkey Guy!

And way to go, George! I can only aspire to such chutzpah.

*Disseminated to the whole company, btw. All 25 of us!

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