Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Question of protocol

How long does one keep the baby teeth?

I discovered last week that I still have most of Lovely Daughter's baby teeth.

She is 24.5 years old.

At some point in the past 18 years, while quietly aging in my secondary jewelry box, the teeth have transitioned from sentimental mementos to icky discarded body parts.

But can I just throw them away? And should I just throw away Young Son's as I go? Or do I need to archive them for an appropriate amount of time to meet some unbeknownst-to-me Sentimental Mom Protocol?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get it. I usually recognize the correct answer when I see it.

But can I at least keep the first ones? After all, I gotta leave something behind to gross out the kids as they fight over my meager possessions.

They should be grateful that I misplaced the stump of Lovely Daughter's umbilical cord those many years ago.

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  1. I threw away my gall stones when I moved...they were in their plastic baggie for nearly 2 years...


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