Wednesday, November 14, 2007

News from afar: Back East

The other day, one of my oldest and dearest pals -- a federal civil service employee -- was attending CPR training at work. Here's a note she dashed off during her break:
So, the Michael Scott-like supervisor selected the young, attractive Ms. J. as his partner.

She rolls her eyes.

During the Heimlich maneuver, he has his arms around her, fists in place, when he starts to giggle.

She ignores it as best she can, but he giggles again.

"What?" she says

He says, "I'm so embarrassed!"

"What?" (OMIGOD, she thinks.)

He giggles again. "Did you feel that? I am so-o-o sorry!"

"EWWW!" she says, and breaks away.

Apparently, he had his cell phone in his pocket, set to vibrate, and it went off.

I am so-o-o grateful that I work for a company of introverts.

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