Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We got this real live, no-shitter support email the other day:

I need to kmow if I can write a paragaph on a blank sheep, but some part of this sheep is blank because I have finished a chapter and I have started a nex chapter in a new sheep and then to pass the next sheep with
[the software],

I don't know how to express in english,


Personally, I prefer starting documents on blank sheep. I find the non-blank sheep difficult to read sometimes. But maybe that's just me.

Sometimes I love this job.

p.s. It's still sitting, unanswered, in the communal Inbox. How would one even attempt to answer something like that? I'm so hoping George takes it on.

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  1. Here's my favorite response to an incoherent support request: "Please clarify". No law against bouncing the ball back into the user's court!


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