Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Why we live here

Caught this amazing sight on my way to work yesterday:

That's the moon setting behind the Olympic Mountains. The cloud just above the trees is ice fog over the Hood Canal.

The shot I really wanted to get was about 5 minutes earlier, but I was in the car and by the time I fumbled around in my purse for my camera (yeah, that's some safe driving!) the moon was just about to disappear. Luckily, just then I got a red light at a fairly open intersection and was able to catch it before it slipped away.

The weather has been unusually clear for January. Typically we don't see much of the sky in the winter. The downside is that it's been cold, actually below freezing at night. I've had to scrape the windshield, like, 3 mornings in a row. We're all freaking out about it.

Yeah, I know. We're all pussies. But we're pussies with a great view.


  1. Wow, that picture is absolutely stunning! I can't believe you took it from your car!!

    I wanted to leave a comment because it seems like you hardly ever get any comments and I don't want you to be discouraged and stop writing your blog -- I love reading it. Sometimes I purposely don't check it because as soon as I do I'll read it and then there won't be any more for at least a day.

    We met once at MD Sheep & Wool; I used to work for Beth B-R. She clued me in to your blog. Thanks for writing!

  2. Thanks, Karen! Good to hear from you. It's good to know that someone other than the people I write about in my blog are reading my blog. ;)

  3. Awesome. Just awesome.

    I'm packing my bags & headed your way. I'll be crashing on B's couch.

    (Oh, he'll just love that.)


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