Friday, February 22, 2008

AM Radio

We're talkin' old school, baby!

This song by Everclear will get me dancing around the room, no matter how foul my mood*.

Note: The audio and video are ever-so-slightly out of synch, but stick with it. Your patience will be rewarded.

AM Radio,Everclear, Songs From An American Movie, Vol. One

The thing I like best is that the timeline of the song maps directly onto my life. I was 10 in 1970, and I started college in 1977. And I definitely remember listening to the radio by my bed for hours waiting to hear my favorite songs.

p.s. Sister sez she was a little freaked out by the (creepy) band members faces on the old TV clips.

* Not that I'm in a bad mood today... OK, maybe I am.

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  1. Ok, so I was only 2 in 1970. But I loved the Brady Bunch (just call me Susie Brady) and my cousins and I used to play Land of the Lost in my grandparents' basement...
    Very cool, thanks for sharing.


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