Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Who would you do?

OK, now that I have your attention...

My favorite local radio station plays a game called "Blatant Stereotyping".

A couple of times a week, they accost a random citizen on the street (or a good-natured celebrity over the phone) and ask them a series of questions. You know; hometown, magazines they subscribe to, dream job, stuff like that. Then toward the end they pause the playback and the listeners call in to guess the answer to the final question, to see how well they can stereotype the victim subject based on the rest of the interview.

My favorite question is 'If you could spend the night with one celebrity -- no guilt, no questions asked -- who would it be?'

Smacks of 'Who would you do', no? A decade or two ago I certainly woulda taken it that way, as the contestants do, but these days, being older and (sometimes) wiser*, I prefer to frame it as a 'sitting around the table in flannel jammies and fuzzy slippers, drinking scotch, telling stories all night' kind of thing**.

I've pondered the question quite seriously; probably more than would be considered healthy. Currently, my two main choices are Anthony Bourdain and Alton Brown.

I never said I was normal.

Oh sure, I have more base notions about certain celebrities from time to time, but many of them are significantly younger than I and that makes me slightly uncomfortable. So Tony and Alton are my go-to guys.

Yeah, I'd even stay up past my bedtime for them.

p.s. I promised you internet humor. Speaking of Matt Damon, wanna see something rude, vulgar, obscene, and obnoxiously hilarious? Click here.
WARNING: Contains decidedly adult language. Plan accordingly.

* And, sadly, significantly less confident in my ability to attract that sort of attention. sigh...

** Yeah, sure you do, Liz.


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