Thursday, April 3, 2008

Can I tell you something?

You know, it's one of those goofy, cute things that your kid always says that drives you absolutely nuts after, oh, four or five years.

"Can I tell you something, Mom?"

"Hey Mom, can I ask you something?"

Young Son initiates probably 80% of his conversations with me using one of those phrases or variations thereof. And if I don't respond in some way, he'll ask again and politely wait for a response before getting to the heart of the matter.

That's a whole lot of grunting required on my part.

Not sure what I can do to stem the flow, but I can only hope the habit fades before he hits the job market.



  1. Want to stem the flow? Just start responding with things like,
    "Only if you call me supreme royal highness from now on"


    "yes, once you've washed the dishes, dusted the living room, folded and put away the laundary and fetched me my slippers"

    I like to make annoying kids into an artform.

  2. My response to him when he asks that is "You can tell me Anything Anytime"
    He always stops for 1 second thinks about what I've said then goes on...

  3. To the ex -

    Yeah, but you still have to say that every time, right?


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