Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just when you thought....

Well now.

Here I was, all like, Oooo! Look at me, I'm handling things so well! and Aren't we just the shit, getting our relationship all squared away and perfect!

Then Mr. B gets a call with less-than-optimal results from a pathology report, and all of a sudden the future, which had previously been a rose-strewn path tinted with a rosy, twinkling glow and surrounded by happy, rubbery cartoon flowers and birds bouncing in time and singing a cheery song, now appears dark and gray and foggy and scary and full of Unknowns with nasty, sharp, pointy teeth and background music from Night on Bald Mountain.

You know, I really f'n hate it when that happens.

Fun optical illusion: The image on the left doesn't actually exist!



  1. Oy, hang in kiddo. That's the thing about soundtracks, you can often change them on a dime.

  2. Found you through Bossy. Sorry to hear the news. Sending blessings and angels your way!!

  3. Hang tough, Liz. I'm thinking of you and Mr. B. and sending good (like, really, really good -- I spared no expense) wishes your way.


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