Friday, April 11, 2008

Who wants to know?

Dammit, I'm going to say it out loud and I don't care who hears it: I freakin' love this song!

Are You Jimmy Ray?,Jimmy Ray, Jimmy Ray

Ah, the memories... this came out ten years ago. Even though I was pushing 40* I bought the single on cassette (extended dance mix on the B side!) and played the crap out of it. Eventually it fell out of favor and under the seat of the car and I forgot about it.

I found that cassette sometime last year and it's been in the cassette player of my car ever since. Every once in a while -- when I feel like gettin' dangerous -- I'll fire it up and crank the volume. Ah, good times.

You know, to this day, if I had the chance to learn to dance like those girls in the red shirts, I'd go for it. Hell, I'd even wear those white balls in my hair if it would help. Although I look a whole lot more like the mama in the gold lamè (lamé?) halter and shades, exceptin' I'm much paler and probably much older.

Go along now and get that pencil to stick in your mind's eye, 'k?
* Waye backe inn ye Olden Dayes

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