Monday, March 9, 2009


That's what I get for trying to do the Right Things.

I spent a goodly chunk of time this weekend in the garage at my old house, sorting though boxes of mixed crap and old household records. Yes, it was every bit as exciting as it sounds.

Some of these boxes were aging piles of crap cleared from countertops while preparing for a kitchen remodel. In 2004. Some were filled with household records so old that I didn't recognize my own handwriting. I mean, it was almost... legible!

Over the course of the two days I sorted each and every of those fuckers boxes. I filled up my big recycling can and my slightly smaller garbage can with stuff I didn't even remember I had. I felt the flush of pride one feels only after tackling a chore one has blown off for over a year: the pride only a true procrastinator can experience.

I tackled the fucker and it was mine.

Once that nightmare task was complete, we went for an accidental four mile walk. The walk wasn't accidental but the distance surely was. It was more physical effort than I'd expended in months but I figured it was good for me, and other than the light sunburn I suffered (In Washington? In March?!? WTF??) no harm done.

Or so I thought.

Today I went in for PT, anticipating an uncomfortable but therapeutic 'stretching' session, as they so euphemistically put it. The tech starting moving my arm and...

Oh HELL no.

My shoulder was having none of it. Not even a little. The tech tried, very gently, to stretch it out for about 15 minutes as I tried to bite through my tongue while doing a horizontal butt-crawl off the table. Finally she admitted defeat, strapped on the ice pack, and told me we'd best wait till next time.

So what in the hell did I do, anyway? Sorting boxes? Yeah, I picked up a few to put them on the table, but so what. I carry groceries all the time. The walk? I can't even fucking walk any more without screwing myself up? I just don't get it.

Whatever the cause, I am pissed. And sore. To add insult to injury, I wasted a perfectly good hour of sick time this morning on it, too.

Oh, there will be chocolate this afternoon. Count on it.


  1. It was probably all the work with the boxes. Whenever I try to use my arm ..... man do I pay for it later. I had a tough PT day today too. I actually felt like I could do a little more last week at PT so the Torturer pushed me at the end of last week. At the time I was proud of myself for accomplishing some new things ... And then the post PT agony hit all weekend. It seems like it's one step forward, three back.
    Chocolate always helps.

  2. Yeah, who'd'a thought that picking up a thousand little items and putting them back down would actually mess things up. Go figure!

    Hey, maybe I can use this to get out of folding laundry. All that repetitive motion, you know.


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