Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Beware the ides

I missed it! Somehow I managed to blow right past March 15th without celebrating the Ides of Meatloaf.

Evil Twin, ever the pious one, celebrated in fine style this past weekend and sent this recap:
We had so much more fun this year! We eliminated the people who didn't "get it" (many of my sister's friends), and we had a blast.

This year's contributions:
  • Large bag Ruffles potato chips with big tub of french onion dip

  • Little wieners in grape jelly/yellow mustard sauce

  • Wispride cheese ball

First course:
  • Tomato soup (Campbell's condensed) w/oyster crackers

Main event:
  • Meat Cake

  • Green bean casserole

  • Mashed potatoes

  • Macaroni and cheese

  • Pear/lime jello salad

  • Biscuits in a tube

  • Carrot cake

  • Boston Cream pie

  • Peanut butter pie (THIS was awesome!)

The men got to watch basketball, the ladies got to kvetch, and a good time was had by all.

Oh. We had Hubby mix Manhattans for all. Some couldn't dump them into the sink fast enough, but one attendee had three. We didn't make the mistake we made last year, though, when we served Mateus rosé. No one could drink that shit. It was awful!

I have been well and truly shamed. I'd best dig out my cake decorating tools -- looks like I'm making meatcake this weekend. I'll probably pass on the wieners in jelly-mustard sauce, although I'm sure they're (gulp!) delicious.

ET sent some pix, but I'm holding them to post with pix of my offerings next week. Don't lie -- you know you'll be back to check! In the meantime, here's last year's recap to whet your appetites.

Mmmmm... meatcake!


  1. Meatcake.

    Sounds like something Vikings ate. Or maybe I'm thinking of meat helmet. I don't think they ate those, though, did they?

  2. I bleeve they did...with dill. I'm a little disappointed that, despite my guidance, iceberg wedges with a choice of Roquefort or Thousand Island didn't make it on to ET's menu. We'll hafta do that with my ancestral TI recipe: mayo, ketchup, hamburger relish and a diced HB egg.

  3. B:

    If you had been here, you would have provided the perfect iceberg wedges.

    I hope that you and Liz will actually make it to the 2010 "Ides". There are quite a few people who want to meat the co-founders. (I consider you a co-founder as you were part of the Beige Food Bonanza, which was a dry run for the Ides.


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