Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fair game

I've been in a slight slump, which makes it tough to conjure up entertaining things to write about. Oh, you've noticed? Sorry.

As the primary symptom of a slump is low energy, rants are pretty much out of the question, and I am way too lame to pull randomly hilarious shit out of the air in any sort of consistent manner.

Which leaves... uh... yeah. You see my problem.

So I've been cruising my favorite blogs for inspiration. I've noticed that the ones I enjoy the most are simply funny people posting about their everyday lives.

That got me thinking that there are huge chunks of my life that I keep off-limits in my blogging; not out of the kindness of my heart or a sense of propriety (snort!), but rather because I think they all read this blog and I am a major pussy. Seriously, I only have about three readers that I don't know IRL.

Sure, I occasionally post about my regular cast of characters, but nothing that I wouldn't want them to read*. And it's too bad, really, because some of what I wouldn't want them to read is pure comedic gold. But I don't seem to be able to go there. Yet, anyway.

So mostly that means I post about... me. As fascinating as I am, I'm feeling I've just about milked that cow dry, IYKWIM**. And did I mention that slump thing?

So here I sit, pretending to work, waiting for the time I get to leave to go to the oral surgeon to get a "thing" cut off the inside of my cheek, pondering whether to entertain y'all with a picture of my crappy desk or this whiny post.

Being a pussy is so limiting.

* Except for Lovely Daughter's Irish-French thing. I might yet catch shit for that one.

** Management assumes no responsibility for any uncomfortable visuals resulting from that metaphor.


  1. Go 'head. I kin take it!



    (Not that I ever do anything comedic...)

  2. And you don't have to worry about me, I am a good friend of the baby sister of the "evil twin" so in a West Virginia sorta way, I am like kin.......

  3. Well, B, I think your $380 margarita was pretty damn comedic.


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