Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Abandoned projects

One of the unfortunate side effects of having an affinity for the Shiny! is that no matter how much enthusiasm I have for acquiring a new skill, sometimes it just doesn't work out. Best case is the light dawns before I spend hundreds of dollars on equipment/books/lessons and I escape with a little ego bruising. Worst case is I find out after some or all of those expenditures, like I did with running and weaving and patisserie and... well, let's draw the curtain there, OK?

Fortunately, fiction writing seems to have fallen into the Best Case category. I bought some books, but otherwise it has cost me only time and mental energy. Although it is with some bruising of the ego to admit that I've had to step away from it for awhile, mainly because I suck at it.

How bad do I suck? Well, let's just say a Bulwer-Lytton entry isn't out of the question.

What? You've never heard of Edward George Earl Bulwer-Lytton, the man who penned possibly the worst opening line in literature? The one that begins It was a dark and stormy night and continues well beyond reason? You must visit the site forthwith and rectify that grievous oversight. Scroll down to read the history of the contest, and click here to read the 2009 winners.

OK, maybe my stuff isn't quite that bad. I think I'm feeling a little better now.


  1. Nobody accuses my sweetie of suckage. You don't suck. Sorry, you just don't. I 'm certain of this and I'm OBJECTIVE.


  2. I find it really hard to believe you suck. I haven't read your fiction, but your blogs are hilarious, almost as good as the real-live you!


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