Thursday, July 23, 2009


(Wow, that reminds me, the new HP movie is out! But that's a topic for another post.)

I wrote about IT the other day, and apparently IT has retaliated by turning its life-sucking gaze on me. What it this, freaking Mordor? Did I attract ITs attention by putting on the fucking Ring or something? I can't even write about my depression without IT kicking my ass? I mean, I know the post wasn't that good, but chris on a cracker, cut me some fucking slack.

Or did IT make me write about IT?

OK, that's weirding me out a little.

I give up. It's summertime in the PNW, the whole reason we live here. Sky is clear blue (most of the time), temps are simply lovely, and here I am drag-assing home from work, ignoring the seemingly endless tasks waiting to be completed, and immediately collapsing on the couch to stare at an endless stream of Star Trek: Voyager and Ace of Cakes episodes on the TiVo.

(BTW, anyone else think the ol' Eye up there is looking rather, um... nudge nudge, wink wink, "organic"? Or is that just me?)

I'm going to assume it's a result of being a woman in mid-life, subject to the whims of an endocrine system switching to All Bets Are Off mode, and that the wave will pass quickly.

Mr B best dig out the flack vest and survival rations, just in case.


  1. Hey Liz! Just stopping by. Truth be told, your gaping... er, Eye of Mordor (yeah, it's a little Georgia O'Keefe... it's not just you) caught my eye so I thought I'd say hi. Hi!

    Hope you feel better soon. This too will pass.


  2. Pshaw, I ain't skeered.*ptoo* I ever tell you about the run in I had with a bipolar grizzly bar in Bhutan back in ninety eight?


  3. That is a rather *feminine* eye.


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