Wednesday, July 1, 2009

To be frank

OK, it really wasn't all that chaotic at work, but compared to the baseline level of activity around here, it was a madhouse so I can claim artistic license.

The couple that owns the business moved out-of state yesterday, taking the corporate portion of the company (their offices) and other assorted office furniture with them. Some of that furniture was in my office so it had to be excavated, and that generated a mound of ancient electronic equipment that had to be dealt with.

Then, the ISP change we've been trying to schedule for two months ago ended up being scheduled yesterday. BTW, thanks, Comcast. Impeccable timing, as usual.

But now the furor has passed, the offices are calm, and all is well, except for the half hour I just spent on the phone with an old guy who doesn't know how to navigate a directory tree in Windows or save an attachment from his email to his hard drive.

I wish I was making that up.

Worst part is, after all that, we were unsuccessful. He ended up cutting me off by mistake, then called back to tell me he was going to lunch and would call this afternoon. I can only wish my most fervent wishes that I am at lunch when he calls back.


  1. What's a directory tree?

  2. La la la laaa... I can't hear you....

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