Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Engagement: Week 3

I admit it: I'm getting caught up in the whole wedding thing. We're not doing anything big or fancy; in fact, Young Son was crushed to learn there will be neither tuxedos nor limousines involved*. But even though we'll be lucky to round up a dozen guests, I'm kinda getting into it, and I can place a goodly portion of the blame for that squarely on the Offbeat Bride.

Where was this site when I got married the first time? Oh yeah, Al Gore hadn't invented the interwebs yet and Ariel, the proprietress, was probably still wearing feetsy jammies.

I doubt our wedding will qualify as truly offbeat -- there will be nary a tattoo nor skull in sight -- but the site's message of 'it's your thing, do whatcha wanna do' is sitting real pretty with me.

Although I have to admit it's real hard to read about super cool things like View-Master invitations and not suffer a little misson creep....

* Kudos to the Ex for setting the bar on that one.


  1. I better not show Offbeat Bride to J./FlyBoy. He will be SO bummed that we've opted for regular invitations and - if I have anything to say about it - there will be NO comic book or Star Wars figures in sight at our reception.


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