Friday, August 7, 2009

How did you celebrate it?

Damn, I can't believe I missed Coast Guard Day this past Tuesday.

I happen to have a particular fondness for the Coast Guard. I worked at the same CG facility in three different jobs over the course of 14 years. Evil Twin, Mr. B, and I met there, when I was about the same age Lovely Daughter is now and Mr. B was a shiny new LTJG.

In belated celebration, I think we'll do a little Friday ROFLMAO and enjoy some Coast Guard humor. Well, OK, maybe not all of you will enjoy it, but the two or three of you who know what the term 'non-rate' means will get a kick out of it.

The rest of you are dismissed to begin your weekend. Or you can watch, too. It's pretty cute. Really.

So here's an enthusiastic yet sloppy civilian salute to the USCG and the civilians who keep them running smooth. Thanks, and BZ!


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  2. Alas, I spent mine with my head down working the details, I hate details, out of Coast Guard Modernization or our little corner of it. Thanks for the Friday smile. Reminded me of a some Coast Guard kids that put together their version of "Terry Tate - Office Linebacker" For your amusement:

  3. Prejean.

    When I saw that, Prejean came to mind. Remember him?

    Coast Guard Day. Picnic at the Academy. Face-painting 478 children in six hours. Memories!

  4. Translations:

    Nev'r Dull (tm): An abrasive metal polish used in the naval services on just about everything, including, apparently(!), aluminum.
    'Sevens': The Coast Guard performance appraisal system for military personnel uses a seven-point numerical rating scale. Getting a rating of seven in one of the categories is evidence of institutional self-actualization (the quintessential oxymoron).



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