Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Magnetic personality

File this under WTF.

Although the 100 degree temps were behind us, it was still in the mid-90s over the weekend. At bedtime it was hitting 85 deg upstairs. Young Son's room was way too hot to sleep in, so I set him up in the guest room in the basement where it was at least a good 10 degrees cooler.

I headed back up two flights of stairs into the inferno and sprawled out on my bed to read, trying to pretend I wasn't sweating from every square inch of skin.

After about an hour, Young Son appears in my door.
M: "Hey, what's the matter?"

YS: "I can't sleep down there"

M: "Why not? Is it too hot?"

YS: "No, it just..." (pauses, thinking) "You know how when I lay on your bed, my head goes this way?" (points to the north wall)

M: "Yeah?" (not getting it...)

YS: "When I sleep downstairs, my head goes that way" (points to the west wall) "and I can't sleep that way."


I had to stop and nuke it out for a minute or so, and I realized he was right. The head of the guest bed, two floors below, is indeed on the west wall of the house.
M: "What about your room?" (trying to figure out if he was bullshitting.)

YS: "Oh, it's the same as yours, this way." (points north)

Yes, in fact, it is. I was officially weirded out.

I emailed Evil Twin about this and she let me know that not only was is not weird, but that she also has a built-in compass and sent me links to some articles explaining the phenomenon.

I need to confirm this, but I think the head of his bed at the Ex's house is on a northerly wall as well.

And here I was thinking that young boys were non-migra'ory*.

I'm already thinking up little tests for him. Is that wrong?

* Ten points for the reference.


  1. Yep his bed points to the north northeast, I'll have to check what the magnetic deviation offset is for this area... stay tuned

  2. I can only walk west. If I have to go east, I walk backwards. Takes forever because I run into people who can only walk east going backwards west. And don't even get me started on the north-south crowd.


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