Friday, August 14, 2009


Wow, after temps in the 100s, we're banished back to the land of 60s and drizzle, which is substandard August weather even by Seattle standards.

But no worries, my pigeons, even cold, damp Fridays shall not pass un-Rocked!

First, watch the ultimate YouTube mashup.

Then learn about the project from the composer/artist himself.


He made seven music videos, each a composition of different clips from YouTube videos. He even lists the links to the clips he used. You can watch his creations on YouTube or visit Kutiman's website.

Just remember to blink once in awhile.


  1. Love the mashups! A lot of work to make those, I'm sure, but worth it.

  2. Awe-freakin'-and-THEN-some! Unbelievable patience, that guy. Me? I think I have a mild form of The Shiny myself -- I'd lose interest long before it turned into anything worth listening to. Good find, Liz.


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