Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's time for a random contest!

Lookee -- the monkey on my back has a silver lining!

As I feed my addiction for 'diet dark', I keep getting these coupons for free food (from a national fast food chain whose name rhymes with Lurger Fling) but so far, none of the things I've won are things I eat.

That's where you come in, Dear Reader. We're going to have a contest!

See, Mr. B needs more fun ball caps because Sweetie keeps chewing his up, but he's having a hard time finding cool ones. We need your help.

In a comment below, post a link to a funny yet tasteful ball cap (see guidelines below). He will pick his favorite and I will mail the winner the two coupons I have so far (for a Croissanwich and Apple Pie) plus any others I win in the meantime.

As for guidelines, the cap color should be tan, brown, olive, or black; be of a regular ball cap shape (no antlers, etc.); and should have some extremely clever and hilarious image or saying on it. Overall, it needs to be something he would actually wear in public.

Mr. B will choose a winner Sunday night, July 18th, before we go to bed (usually 9 pm* Pacific Time.)

Are you up for it? I knew you would be! Remember, Mr. B's scalp is counting on you. But no pressure.

*Yeah, shut up. We're old. Haven't I mentioned that before?


    Love this hat, hope you do too.



    It comes in TAN! Just like Mr. B.


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