Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ladies, look at your man...

Time for some fun and games, people! So Isiah Mustafa, the Old Spice Man, is blitzing the interwebs today in a viral marketing campaign for my least favorite man-scent ever. But you know what? I bet on him it doesn't small half bad.

Heh heh.

If you don't know who the Old Spice Man is, you must watch this:

Here's my favorite clip from today:

"Monocle smile." Priceless.

You can see the rest of the clippy goodness compiled on Urlesque. And trust me, you will want to see it.

My question for Old Spice Man is: How does he manage the pressure and demands of being the role model for the entire male population? I know from experience that being the center of the universe can be quite a burden, but to be the sole example of manly perfection... whoa. That's heavy.


  1. Mustafa was the second choice.

    I was busy. ;-)

  2. Thanks for clearing that up, Frank. I was wondering.....

  3. All the women in my family love that commercial. We later saw him on the Ellen Show.


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