Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mythbusters Moment

One thing I love about Mythbusters is the notion of Mythbusters Moments. The Mythbusters team will be setting up some usually complicated test to prove or disprove some really oddball piece of common 'wisdom', like whether droplets from a sneeze will really travel thirty feet, and the absurdity of the moment will strike someone, who then looks into the camera and says "What in the hell are we doing??"

We've had several of those around here in the last six weeks or so, but the best so far was when Mr. B started taking his chemo, Mr. Yuk-colored capsules with Extremely Dire Warning Stickers plastered all over the bottle.

The instructions warn NOT to TOUCH the capsules with ones fingers; rather, shake the capsules into a small cup, then dump them into ones mouth and swallow. NO CHEWING ALLOWED!


So, whatever you do, DON'T TOUCH THEM, but please do feel free to put them in your mouth and SWALLOW them.



  1. Funny! I wonder what would happen if you did touch them? Would you have super powers, or would your fingers fall off?

  2. Yeah, that does sound pretty bad. You'd think that they could coat them in some sort of cellulose stuff that would protect your fingers but dissolve when you swallowed the pill.

  3. Yeah, those types of things always make you wonder. When I had my radiation they wheeled in the pill on a little metal cart and everybody stood waaaaaaaay across the room, then they all said to me, "Go ahead, pick it up and eat it."


    Sending get well wishes to Mr. B. and big hugs to you, Liz!

  4. @Bev -- "Give it to Bev! She'll eat anything!" ;)

  5. Bev & I had the same kind of cancer. The tech forbade me to even let the capsule (which was encased in a glass vial) to even touch my lips, but to more or less toss it back & wash it down with water. Scary.


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