Friday, July 23, 2010

Normal, new & improved!

I thought Mr. B's diagnosis was rough enough, but his sister, who moved to town last year, also just got a Very Bad Diagnosis. So, as Mr. B and I deal with his stuff, we are also trying to help Sis as much as we possibly can.

Stress, much? Let's just say it's a full life.

I'm alternating between Control Freak Mode (working myself into a lather trying to anticipate and solve every single possible upcoming problem) and Withdrawal Mode (curling up in a ball in the corner, paralyzed by the conviction that nothing good will ever happen again). I'm hoping there's a happy medium in there somewhere. Happy, hell; I'd even settle for a tolerable medium. I don't think there's enough diet soda in the county to help me reach a happy medium.

But, as with any major crisis, the initial wave of shock and awe passes. The survivors scrape up whatever's left and start piecing things back together into some semblance of normal, trying to figure out what 'normal' now looks like. We have kind of settled into what passes for normal these days. Even though we know more THINGS are going to happen at some point, we can't do dick about it right now. Except wait.

So wait, we will.

In the meantime, we're scraping together what we can, going to work, and trying to get stuff done. What else can we do?


  1. My husband got cancer years ago and I know what you mean about waiting and trying to live a normal life. It is so hard. I hope all things turn out well for all of you.

  2. It sounds like you've got the right gameplan. Nothing good comes from worrying about things that you can't control (which seems to be the MO of my family).

    Hang in there.

  3. Frank, what do you mean, things I can't control? I'm not sure there is such a thing. ;)

  4. UGH! When it rains, it pours. I'm sorry about the downpour in your family right now.

    More hugs (and drugs, if ya' got 'em)!

  5. Thinking of you all. Not being a religious sort, I still believe that love conquers all. It doesn't SOLVE problems, exactly, but it helps you through them. And you ARE loved.


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