Thursday, April 14, 2011

And the number of the counting shall be four...

(Yeah, that's a misquote from a Monty Python skit. That shit never gets old.)

So, are you sick of me saying "x years ago" yet? You're in luck, this might be the last time. But first we have to get through the last time, so bear with me. I'll talk fast and get through it as quickly as possible.

Four years ago today, Mr. B and I realized we were dating. The roller coaster took off and the wild ride began.

Not sure why, but today feels like the natural endpoint of that ride. Sure, next February anniversary season will begin again, but I think I'm done counting... at least out loud. At least maybe I will finally stop linking to those "Year Ago" posts.

(It's OK. I know you were thinking it.)

I've been practicing looking forward, and I'm starting to kinda like it. Maybe, eventually, I can even figure out how to get the funny back.

(I know you're really looking forward to that now, aren't you?)

(Don't answer that.)