Monday, May 12, 2008

Cost of doin' bidness

Lovely Daughter's in the final couple of weeks of grad school. She's making many trips from CT to NYC for meetings with managers and agencies and casting folk and the like. Next week, the whole class is off to L.A. to do the whole thing over again.

You know what? All that shit costs money.

And you know what else? Grad students typically have, like, no money.

Today I received her weekly appeal for funding.
I don't know how we are all expected to blow this much money without loads of help.

OK, here goes...

My trips to NY:
Two train tickets at $28 apiece.
Transportation (lots of cabs, I was running all over the city and this will never happen again) I probably spent around $200 over the span of three days on the yellow chariots of death.
Food- Once again probably around $200 for all three days.

Other business:
I have a friend who used to be a hairstylist for Aveda who said she could touch up my roots and trim my split ends for only $60 bucks and a bottle of wine. This is going to save loads of money. The other salon is great but too damn expensive. I was going to try and squeeze by without doing this but it's never good when the casting director eyes my roots and says "Hmmm... natural redhead? Hmmm..."

I just ordered more headshots and that cost $168.

I'm about to go have my resume printed on the back of my headshots and that should cost $20.

I was told that I looked squat and that my costumes were not flattering so I had to get new ones. That cost me $150.

And there you go. I'm also wondering how L.A. is going to work with transportation/food/whatnot. I can't rent a car yet so I'm going to chip in with some other classmates. They don't provide us with food either, not so surprising when you consider that we'll be in LA LA Land.

Alright, breathe... breathe....

Let me know what you think and just keep in mind that when I start booking all my commercials and voice-overs you will be paid back in full, plus interest, with puppies and diamonds.

love you and thank you,

Puppies and diamonds?!? Count me in!!

p.s. I got $854 + a bottle of wine. What'd you get?

p.p.s. The next person that tells her she looks squat is going to get bitch-slapped.


  1. Diamonds aren't very cute, and there's no way you can cut through glass using a puppy. My advice to you is to swap these gifts around.

  2. What a fantastic plea for money! You just couldn't turn her down. I hope it all goes well for her.

  3. Kids are an expensive commodity.

    Have you considered trading her in for a puppy?


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