Friday, May 23, 2008

Kiss me

On this Very Special Episode of Fridays Rock! I'm compelled to share one of my all-time favorite videos that you've never heard of.

Kiss me, Alphastates

Yes, that's Lovely Daughter* with the eyes and lips and hair, circa some four or five years ago. She and some drama pals were tapped to shoot this video for the Irish band Alphastates. It's very fun to watch now and wave at the kids, all of whom have long since moved on to various corners of the country. Especially the hands on her chest, which belong to her first gay husband, BC. I always give BC a shoutout when I see the hands.

This is Lovely Daughter's Very Big Weekend. She's turning 25 and graduating after seven years of college. Whatever I was doing on my 25th birthday, it sure as hell wasn't that cool. I can, however, pretty much guarantee it involved chasing a 2-yr-old. And wine. It definitely involved wine.

Maybe in that regard, her 25th and mine won't be all that dissimilar after all.
(I'm positive this piece of 'ancient history' will mortify her, but that is my solemn duty as her mother, no matter how grown up she is. At least I didn't post her jr hi school pix... yet! Bwah-ha-ha-haaaa!)

Program note: Mr. B & I are headed Back East to join the Ex, Young Son, Sis, Evil Twin, and the rest of the gang for the festivities. I'll see y'all next Thursday.

* Nope, she's not singing, just lip-synching.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter and Congrats on graduating also! It sure does sound like a big weekend, for all of you! Enjoy your trip!

    Found you through the Dad Gone Mad Links!


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