Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rant: Stop givin' it up!

The Thing I Hate Most Today: When drivers give up their right-of-way.

C'mon people, I know you think you're being helpful and nice by stopping in the middle of the road to let the guy on the side street slip in, or by letting everyone else at the 4-way stop go first even though it's your turn, or any number of other examples that I can't think of because I'm totally furious right now, but here's a clue.

All you're really doing is creating a hazard and pissing me off*.

If you need me to lay it out for you -- or even if you don't -- I will.
  • When everyone plays by the same rules, everyone know what to do and what results to expect, and no one gets hurt.

  • Therefore, it follows that when rogue dumbshits decide to flaunt the rules and behave unpredictably, no one knows what to do or what to expect and someone may well get hurt.
Yes, you may cause an accident, even if your choice was made in the name of 'courtesy' and your intentions were 'good'.

And by the way, when you stop in the middle of the road to let the guy on the side street slip in? You are slowing down the flow of traffic behind you which may well cause the person behind you to miss the light. As happened to me just recently, coincidentally.

So while being kind and courteous to the guy in front of your face, you just f'cked the people behind you**.

Just knock it the hell off, 'k?

(Shit. I need chocolate.)

* Or maybe that's creating a hazard by pissing me off.

** Actually, that's kind of an interesting phenomenon, really. I didn't think that was possible.


  1. This Rant is not complete without the Howard Dean Scream.

  2. Around here I think the explanation needs to be taken a step further: when in doubt, don't drive. Period!

    ...says the chick who was 1/2 late to the sitters yeserday because she had to fill out the danged accident witness statements for the police...

  3. Stupid drivers. I can't stand it when they ruin an otherwise perfectly good day!

  4. It's like my thoughts showed up on your page. I hate when people do this. Does it show that we've become a timid society, obsessed with not stepping on people's toes? Or am I wrong for getting pissed at people who (to them) are trying to do a "good thing"? The world may never know.

  5. Ahhhh a blogger after my own heart. Those people piss me off too!

  6. YES!!! This drives me nuts. Partly because if there is an accident, the person who "gave up" her right of way is not at fault because she had the right of way. It's the fault of the person who didn't have the right of way, even if someone "gave it up" to them. Grrr...

    Maybe when this happens we should get out of our cars, go to the other person and say, "YOU HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY -- TAKE IT!!"

    I can dream... :)

  7. What the hell was Gordfish doing, driving in your neck of the woods? How did he get in front of you?

    Here's another example: Driving on the Capital Beltway. Doing the speed limit in the slow lane (of course), and hitting the brakes so some mope on the entrance ramp can climb aboard. This confuses the mope, who is planning to accelerate, and can't figure out what this a$$wipe is trying to pull.

    It's all about expectations, people!



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